Three Gems Acupuncture~~Porland, OR~~Brett Csordas LAc

Patients often ask me how I got into this medicine.

From 1997 through 2007 I trained at Westside Martial Arts located around the corner and behind Sunset High School and was fortunate to have had an instructor who recommended acupuncture for pain relief. 

In February of 2000 I threw an errant spinning-reverse-side-thrust kick with my left leg during a otherwise basic partner drill and felt an ominous ‘click!’ at the base of my spine.  Foolish as it was, I somehow managed to finish that workout with what I learned much later to be a herniated vertebral disc and an aggravated sciatic nerve.

Unlike previous injuries of karate or snowboarding origin, emergency visits to my chiropractor and massage therapist provided zero relief.  As the days slowly passed without any signs of improvement, I resigned myself to bed rest and tried to banish every thought of going to a hospital because I had a bad feeling that option would lead me straight to an operating table. 

It wasn’t until I had missed an entire week of work that the idea of acupuncture finally came to mind. 

Twice previously I had found acupuncture to be helpful.  Once for a chronic shoulder problem (cycling accident) and another time for a weird knee injury (running).  I wasn’t sure if acupuncture could handle this health crisis but it held far greater appeal to me than the possibility of going under the knife.

On Friday March 3, 2000 I half-dragged myself into the OCOM student clinic where I was greeted by a random intern who then listened to my story, took my pulse, looked at my tongue, asked me the usual set of strange questions and then placed some needles in my hands, legs, feet and back. 

Thirty minutes later the needles were removed and I was astonished by the return of full strength and complete absence of pain in my back.  It was difficult to believe but I was very, very happy nevertheless.  A sudden life affirming epiphany flashed through me right there on the spot and I became determined to learn the way of acupuncture.

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